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Image: Jens Meyer (University of Jena)

Research Highlights

TOC image Persistent photoconductivity MoS2
Giant persistent photoconductivity in monolayer MoS2
A. George et al., Giant persistent photoconductivity in monolayer MoS2 field-effect transistors. NPJ 2D MATERIALS AND APPLICATIONS 2021 5, 15


PhD student Quyet Ngo studies optical fibres functionalised by 2D materials.
Intelligent nanomaterials for photonics
Physicists and chemists at the University of Jena engineer optical...
From left to right: Z. Tang, A. Turchanin and A. George.
Switchable graphene transistors
A team around ACP principal scientist Andrey Turchanin is...
A Optical microscope images of as-grown 3R (left) and 2H CVD MoS2 bilayers (right) on SiO2/Si before pick-up. b First derivative of white light reflection spectrum for as-grown 2H-bilayer (blue) and as-grown 3R-bilayer (red), recorded at T = 4 K, both bilayers are encapsulated in high-quality hBN for optical spectroscopy29. c Schematic of 3R stacked bilayer with intralayer excitons (top) compared to 2H stacked bilayer where in addition interlayer excitons are observed as in panel (b).
Result of the month in Nature Communications
Joint work with the University of Toulouse
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