Group Seminar

Module coordinator
Prof. Dr. Andrey Turchanin
Institute of Physical Chemistry

Jana BraunExternal link
Helmholtzweg 4, E009B
Tel.: 03641-948351

05.11.2020 - 12.02.2021, Th 14 c.t., online

Date Speaker Title
05.11.2020 Andrey Turchanin Kick-off meeting
12.11.2020 Julian Picker Preparation and characterization of two-dimensional phosphorus layers
19.11.2020 David Kaiser Chemical and Biological Sensors Based on van der Waals Heterostructures of Graphene and Carbon Nanomembrane
26.11.2020 Elena Chulanova Charge-transfer processes in chalcogen-nitrogen heterocycles
03.12.2020 Andrey Turchanin Workshop for discussion of current projects
10.12.2020 Daniel Hüger Gas permeation through Carbon Nanomembrane synthesized from hybrid aromatic-aliphatic SAMs of fatty acids
17.12.2020 Antony George One-dimensional p-n junction electronic and optoelectronic devices from transition metal dichalcogenide lateral heterostructures grown by one-pot chemical vapor deposition synthesis
07.01.2021 Andrey Turchanin Workshop for discussion of current projects
14.01.2021 Ziyang Gan MOCVD synthesis of TMDs: Quo vadis?
21.01.2021 Seungheon Han Patterned growth of TMD monolayers
28.01.2021 Teresa Borst New CVD setup for the growth of the TMD monolayers: First results
04.02.2021 Florian Küllmer Photoactive smart CNMs for selective gas permeation

Antony George

Inhibition of lithium dendrite formation in lithium metal batteries via regulated cation transport through ultrathin sub-nanometer porous carbon nanomembranes

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